Missed Appointment Compensation Request Form

You can use this form to request a missed appointment compensation. Please note that you can only claim a missed appointment compensation if you were at home and the contractor did not attend during the appointment window.

In order to ensure your application is processed correctly, complete all the relevant sections.

If your claim is for more than one missed appointment, please, submit an individual form for each of them.

Before proceeding, ensure that your claim meets the following criteria:
• It is a missed appointment for a scheduled inspection or a routine repair, not an emergency repair;
• It is a repair to an individual property, not a communal repair.

Please note the following stages regarding how your claim will be processed:
• The Council will send to you an acknowledgement about your claim within 5 working days of receiving it.
• If a claim appears to be correct, contractors will be notified and provided with an opportunity to respond or challenge the claim. They will have 5 working days to reply.
• Final decision will be made within 10 working days of submitting the claim, and you will be notified via e-mail about the outcome.
• If your claim is upheld, the compensation will be awarded in the form of a cheque (provided that your rent or service charge account is in credit). If your account is in arrears, the awarded amount will be credited to your rent or service charge account.
• Payment usually takes 2 weeks to complete after the final decision is made.
• If after receiving confirmation of the missed appointment claim being upheld you need to chase a claim or payment, please first check your rent or service charge account to see if it has been credited. If it has not been credited, please email repairs@southwark.gov.uk.

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