Bulky waste collection request


Please note: We are currently experiencing some technical issues and our response time to requests will be longer. We are working to resolve the issue. We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and understanding.

Requirements for using the bulky waste collection service

  • Southwark’s bulky waste collection service can ONLY be used for household waste from your own household. It cannot include items from your business, or from your tenants, if you are a landlord
  • not all wastes can be included in a bulky waste collection – Please be aware we will only collect what is listed here list of items we can collect
  • items must be no more than 2 metres in any direction. Larger items can be broken down, but must be tied securely together, so they can be lifted as a single item
  • you must be able to present your items for collection at ground level, where they can be easily found, by 6.00 am on the morning of collection. They must not cause a danger or an obstruction to anyone else
  • items must be safely accessible without moving other items out of the way at the time of collection. Items including glass (such as glass table tops, mirrors and TVs) must be wrapped securely to prevent injury
  • the waste must not include any hazardous materials, such as chemicals, paint, oils or solvents, or asbestos – Find out about free hazardous waste collections
  • only the items you include on this collection request will be taken
  • you don’t have to be at home for a collection, but you must make sure the item can be easily found and removed
  • the service costs £16 for up to 10 items, and the waiting time is 7 days. You will need a valid credit or debit card to make the payment
  • if your items are removed by someone else before your collection date the fee is not refundable
  • this form should not be used to report dumped rubbish or furniture. Please use the street cleaning report form as this will ensure the dumped items are cleared and investigated quickly
  • you must have a valid email address to make this request
  • if your items are removed by someone else before your collection date the fee is not refundable
  • once your booking has been confirmed you will be able to cancel it but the fee is not refundable. This is because space is allocated on the collection vehicle for each item at the time of booking and there is a cost to the council

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