Application for a variation of permit conditions


When to use this form

This environmental permitting regime is known as and referred to as Local Authority Pollution Prevention and Control (‘LAPPC’). Installations permitted under this regime are known as Part ‘B’ installations.

Use this form if you already have a permit and wish to vary the permit conditions or wish to make a change to your installation.

Before you start to fill in this form

You are strongly advised to read relevant parts of the Defra general guidance manual issued for LA-IPPC and LAPPC, revised in April 2012.

This contains a list of other documents you may need to refer to when you are preparing your application, and explains some of the technical terms used. You will also need to read the relevant sector guidance note, BREF note or Process Guidance note. The EP Regulations can be obtained from website.

Which parts of the form to fill in

You should fill in as much of this form as possible. The appropriate fee must be enclosed with the variation application to enable it to be processed further.

Telephone 020 7525 4261
Fax 020 7525 5728

Other documents you may need to submit

There are number of other documents you may need to send us with your variation application. Each time a request for a document is made in the form you will need to record a document reference number for the document or documents that you are submitting in the space provided on the form for this purpose. Please also mark the document(s) clearly with your permit reference number and the name of the installation.

If you need help and advice

We have made the form as straightforward as possible, but please get in touch with us at the local authority address given above if you need any advice on how to set out the information we need.

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