Van bookings at the Reuse and Recycling Centre


If you need to bring your household waste using a van instead of a private car you will need to book in advance, and obtain a permit. There is no charge for a permit, but you can only visit up to four times in any calendar year using a van, and you must apply for a separate permit each time you visit.

• You cannot transfer your permit to another person or vehicle.
• You cannot bring in waste from any kind of business.
• You cannot bring in waste from your tenants if you are a landlord or property manager.

We are not able to issue permits in respect of builders, tradespeople, or other contractors acting on your behalf. You will need to either bring this waste yourself to the HWRRC, or arrange for separate disposal (eg by hiring a skip). If someone other than you, such as a family member, is driving the vehicle on your behalf, you will need to be present yourself when the waste is brought in – as the permit can only be issued in your name, for you to deposit waste, from your own household.

This includes purpose built vans, pickups and other vehicles designed primarily to carry goods. Please note that a vehicle converted to carry goods – such as a car with seats removed - is classed as a van, and will require a permit. Vehicles with more than 3.5 tonnes maximum gross loaded weight, or specialist vehicles such as tippers, are not admitted to the Reuse and Recycling Centre at all and cannot be admitted using a permit.

You will need to provide details of the vehicle you will be using, the waste you are bringing to the reuse and recycling centre, and the date you intend to visit. You must give three working days notice for a permit to be issued – not including the day on which you apply. Providing you meet the conditions, the council will issue a permit by email to you, which enables you to visit on the day you have chosen. You will need to print the permit and bring it with you when you visit. Once a Van booking permit has been issued, we cannot change any details shown, such as date of visit, waste types or vehicle information, so you need to make sure that you have all the details correct before you request a permit.

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