Transport and streets - Blue badge renewal - Application


This form should be used to apply for a Blue Badge.

This form can be completed on behalf of the applicant or the applicant themself. As such, questions relating to the person for whom the blue badge is being applied for will be addressed as relating to the applicant.

The following information will be needed to complete the application:

  • The applicant's national insurance number or child registration number

  • The applicant's driving licence number (if they hold a driving licence)

  • Their current blue badge serial number and expiry date (if they already have a blue badge)

You will be able to add scanned documents and photographs to support your application, so you may want to have these ready before starting although you can save the form at any time.

Please note: you are not required to obtain and submit a medical certificate from your GP to support your application as an OT assessment will be carried out if further assessment of your medical condition is required.

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