Southwark Council Cost of Living Fund – Resident enquiry


This form is only for residents who have been referred or made an application to the Southwark Cost of Living Fund.

This form is not an application route to the Southwark Cost of Living Fund. To apply to the fund, please visit our Cost of living Fund page.

You can use this form:

  • to ask for an update on the progress of a referral or application
  • to ask about the referral or application outcome
  • to tell us the details of the applicant or person referred have changed
  • to tell us a post office voucher has been lost or has expired
  • to tell us someone has moved since a post office voucher was issued and can't redeem it
  • to give us more information not included in the original referral / application

To complete this form you’ll need your National Insurance Number and the reference number from your application or referral.

Southwark Council’s Cost of Living Fund is assisted by the UK Government’s Household Support Fund.

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