Transport and streets - Street furniture/street lighting problem report


You can report damaged street furniture such as benches, bollards, railings and street signs or street lighting that is not working or needs attention by completing this form.

If you want to report a problem that is causing an immediate danger (e.g. a streetlight column that's been hit by a vehicle), please phone our 24 hour line on 020 7525 2000.

Faulty street lights include:
• lights that are not on at night
• lights that should not be on during the day
• hanging or twisted lanterns
• covers or doors off, exposing wiring
• damaged or leaning lamp columns

As Southwark slowly transitions to LED lighting, the number of faults will significantly reduce. Those that do occur are likely to be due to faults in the electrical supply cable rather than the street light itself.

These fault repairs are carried out by UK Power Networks. We endeavor to accelerate these repairs as quickly as possible but are reliant on the utility company.

You are able to view current street lighting faults that have been reported to UK Power Networks below. If you do not see the fault please report it by emailing

UKPN Desktop Site

UKPN Mobile Site

Please note that we are not responsible for the lighting on red routes, housing estates or private land.

If the faulty street light is on a red route, please report this to Transport for London

For Housing please forward to

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