Transport and streets - Pothole/Street surface repair


Any problems on the street such as potholes, uneven pavements, faded yellow lines, broken manhole covers and overgrown trees can be reported by completing this online form or by contacting us using the details below.

If you want to report a problem that is causing an immediate danger (e.g. a fallen tree or missing manhole cover), please phone our
hotline on 020 7525 2000.

Please tell us the exact location of the problem so our inspectors can find it easily, e.g. uneven paving outside 34 Penrose Street.

Please ensure that you have checked that the road you are reporting is maintained by Southwark Council.
You can do so via our mapping page (Adopted highway).

Contact us
Tel: 020 7525 2000
Address: 160 Tooley Street 3rd Floor, SE1P 5LX

Information about data collected via online forms

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