Parking - Request for a parking zone consultation

Request for parking consultation

Use this form to tell us if you think that the council should carry out a consultation on the option of introducing a parking zone in your area.

To find out the current status of any parking design project or to read about how and why parking zones are implemented, or can help your street, please visit parking projects.

Parking zones will only be introduced following substantial consultation with local residents and businesses and this may take up to 18 months to complete.
We receive more requests for parking controls than we have funding to consult upon and so we need to prioritise projects based upon a number of factors.

We prioritise projects based upon areas already identified in our policies, evaluation of parking surveys, professional assessments as well as giving consideration to the locations where we have received complaints about high parking stress.

By completing the following form, your request for a consultation on parking will be mapped to assist us in prioritising resources for future projects.

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