Leadership and Management - Business Manager's


To assist you with your on-going personal development plan you have chosen to undertake a review to identify your key areas of strength and development.

This 360-degree questionnaire is a tool that will provide you with a rounded picture of your performance at work as seen by you and those you work closely with. By receiving feedback from sources all around you, a more accurate and clear understanding is produced of your capabilities than if data from one source alone was used.

The questionnaire has been designed to around Southwark’s Leadership and Management Development Standards Framework, which details the important leadership qualities required for effective performance as a leader in Southwark.

To gain a rounded picture you need to consider a member of your team and a professional colleague who will provide you with honest feedback. The questionnaire will also be sent to your line manager. Please brief these people prior to completing the questionnaire. You will need to have their email addresses prior to you completing the questionnaire.

You will receive a report showing your evaluation against the standards and the combined evaluation of everyone who has completed the assessment. In view of this you will not see each individual score. However your line manager will receive a report that shows the individual scores but not the names of the people i.e. your score, their score, team member and professional colleague.

You will receive an email with a link to monitor the number of people that have completed the questionnaire. Once you know that everyone has completed it then you should make an appointment to see your line manager to discuss the results.

Information about data collected via online forms